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KateQuarrellCMS Link Letter - Christmas 2015

Kate Quarrell - Uganda

Today in Africa, 400 women die each day in childbirth but thankfully, change is on the horizon. Kate Quarrell, a CMS mission partner, is passionate about seeing women’s lives transformed through the love of God by giving women the care and compassion that they need during childbirth. Her vision is that this can be accomplished through teaching, training and supporting local healthcare workers.

Kate writes: “My heart’s cry is to see lives physically saved whilst hoping and praying that some could be saved for eternity too. I will be working with the local church to help share Jesus and see lives irrevocably changed within the    community.” 

She is based in Kuluva in West Nile, North West Uganda; the purpose is to work jointly between the Hospital and Nurse & Midwife Training School at Kuluva as a midwife teacher and the diocese of Madi-West Nile as a community outreach support worker at  local health clinics. Kuluva is 9km south of Arua in Northern Uganda and borders the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. The Hospital there was originally set up by the African Inland Mission in the early part of the twentieth century but is now run by the Church of Uganda as a non profit organisation. Patients attend the hospital from the surrounding local area as well as neighbouring countries.

It’s the latest chapter in a long story for Kate Quarrell, who first became interested in global mission following short term mission trips to China, Uganda and Kenya and then maintained her interest in Uganda through supporting health projects. Here in the UK she is an active member of her church, running a home group and  participating in a hosting scheme, which is part of Friends International, a Christian organisation whose aim is to support international students.

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