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Website Survey 2020

As the St James church website enters its 10th year we would welcome some feedback from people who use it on a regular basis, from folk who browse it on an ad-hoc basis and from others who have maybe never viewed it at all. 

The website has been designed and continues to be maintained with two clear audiences in mind. The first and most important audience are those people who are considering visiting or joining the church. The website is intended to offer them a way to find out about the church, and the Christian faith, before coming along in person. For this audience we aim to provide a website that is accessible in language and style giving these visitors a positive impression.

The website's second audience are our existing church members. For this group the website aims to summarise a lot of information that can probably be found elsewhere on weekly notice sheets, group activity fliers and special event posters. However, in addition it provides a range of resources such as recordings of our weekly sermons and talks and copies of our monthly parish magazines.  

What we would like to understand is how you, as current or potential future website users, believe we are achieving these goals or otherwise. 

In an average week the church website receives around 250 visits, however we cannot tell (quite rightly) whether that is one person viewing the website 250 times or 250 people each viewing the website once. All we can tell is how many times the website is looked at and how many pages are viewed.

Please could we ask you to spare a minute or two to complete the survey form by clicking here.

Alternatively, please feel free to email our website editor directly on, with some feedback so that we can understand more about usage and if necessary change or add to the content?

Thank you

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