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As we begin to re-open the church for public worship we shall endeavour to continue providing worship material that can either be viewed on screen or printed out.

Worship Sheet - Ninth Sunday after Trinity
9th August 2020
PDF format or DOC format

Watch "A Summer Sermon - Archdeacon Simon"
Listen to "A Summer Sermon - Archdeacon Simon"

The Worship Sheet above sets out a short act of worship including prayers, readings and hymns. The hymns will often include a YouTube link allowing you to watch, listen and/or sing along if you so wish. 

The Worship Sheet can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF file or as a Microsoft Word document by clicking on the appropriate link. Depending on whether you are viewing this content on a personal computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, the document links may open in different ways. On a PC they would tend to appear above the status bar at the bottom of the screen as a downloaded file that can then be clicked on to display the contents. Alternatively they may end up in your "downloads" folder. 

The "Reflection" is an audio file containing a short sermon only. It is not the full contents of the Worship Sheet. By clicking on the link the audio file will either download in the same way as the Worship Sheet or it may open up automatically in your devices' default audio player software or application.

The text of the "Reflection" is also available as a PDF file or Microsoft Word document for viewing onscreen or printing.  

We hope that you find these resources useful. 

There are many other resources and online services included on the Church of England website.  

Please check back here each for week for new material. 

If you have any comments or issues with accessing any of the material on this page then please let us know here by email.

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