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Mothers’ Union

An international organisation with 4 million Christians in over 80 countries who give prayer, experience, time and money to support marriage and family life. They share a vision of a world where God’s love is shown through loving,   respectful and flourishing relationships. Reaching out to communities they change lives and bring hope.

Mothers Union

Branch Leader Jen Robinson is with the four new members, 
Linda, Eddie, Helen and Emma, we welcomed  in January

Meetings are held at St James, Birkdale, in the Welcome Area at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Those at 12.30 start with a “light lunch”

Thursday 20th February 12.30pm  “Away From It All Holidays”

Friday 6th March 11am World Day of Prayer at the Salvation Army, Shakespeare Street

Thursday 19th March 12.30pm Southport Talking Newspaper

Wednesday 25th March 10.30am Lady Day Service at Emmanuel

Friday 24th April 2.00pm Set up the Hall for the Coffee Morning

Saturday 25th April – 12noon Deanery Coffee Morning

Thursday 14th May at 7pm Deanery Festival at St Cuthbert’s

Thursday 18th June  or 16th July Evening Meal

Monday  17th August Wave of Prayer

Thursday 24th September 7.30pm Puddings & Drinks Caroline Collins Diocesan President

Thursday 22nd October Deanery Prayers at St James

Thursday 19th November 12.30pm

For further details please contact the Parish Office 

on 01704 564907 or email Jen Robinson

Or visit the Mothers' Union website.

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