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Church Re-Opening Survey

Please complete the survey questionnaire by selecting the relevant responses:

Q1. When the building reopens for public worship are you planning on coming on a Sunday over the next couple of months? It is likely in the short term that we would only hold one service each Sunday at 10.30am.

  Not sure

Q2. What is the main feeling you have about attending for public worship in the next few weeks?
  Other (please state)

Q3. Have you been using the Worship Sheets and listening to the Reflection each Sunday?

Q4. Would you like the Worship Sheets and pre-recorded Reflections to continue to be available online and by email every week even when the building reopens?
  Not sure

Q5. If you prefer to stay away from the church building for the time being how important would it be for you to be able to listen to or view a live “broadcast” of the Reflection at the same time as those who are worshipping in church?
  This would help me to feel better connected to the rest of                the congregation
  I prefer to continue listening to a pre-recorded message at a            time that suits me
  Not sure

Q6. Have you been joining in with the online Zoom prayer meetings over the last few months?

Q7. Would you like the Zoom prayer meetings to continue even when the building reopens?
  Yes, once a week
  Yes, twice a week
  Yes, three times a week
  No longer necessary
  Not sure

Q8. If you have been using a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, have you been able to download and/or listen to the pre-recorded Reflection each week?
  Yes, quite easily
  Yes, with difficulty
  No, but I would welcome some assistance to be able to do so
  No, I don't have the technology available to me

Q9. Two or three of the Reflections have been available to watch on YouTube as videos. Have you been able to view these?
  Not Tried

Q10. Do you have any further comments?

Please include your name and email address if you wish:

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